How can we reduce costs for operators?

The following points either have a direct saving in costs, time or a combination of both.


The most efficient way to process, analyse and store documents is through digitisation. All documents such as suppliers’ invoices, purchase orders, dockets and guest registrations are digitised.

Less Paper, Ink and Fewer Printers, Filing Cabinets and Storage Rooms

Creating and storing documents in a digital format is significantly less than printing and storing paper. The positive impact on the environment is an added benefit.


Data entry and document movement is automated meaning less man hours to input data, less human errors, less man hours to fix human errors and much quicker processing.

ISO 27001 Secure Cloud-Based Software as a Service (SaaS)

Our SaaS is certified to the highest ISO standards providing scalable power, accessibility from multiple locations and disaster recovery. Using our enterprise level system means less expenditure on your own infrastructure, security and data backup system.

Intelligent Semi-Automated Workflows

Our vast experience of hospitality in Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and the Netherlands allows us to design best practise workflows with human interaction only when necessary. Staff can see their daily tasks and approve documents through desktop computers, mobile phones or tablets.

Machine Learning

Our system is taught to identify specific patterns in your data enabling faster processing, alerts for possible errors and suggestive corrections based on historical data.

Third-Party Integration

We automatically collate and analyse data from third-party systems such as PMS and accounts. Custom reports can be created which can be viewed from one simple interface and even added to the workflow for approval.

In-House Shared Service Centres

With cluster properties, cost and time savings can be multiplied further when using an in-house shared service centre. Limited knowledgeable staff can be pooled into one central location to manage multiple properties. Adding new properties is less worrying when staff are already in place to look after them.

How can we help increase revenue for operators?

The key points above show how we streamline hotels and hotel groups by automating as much of the mundane tasks as possible and using efficient business processes that we have designed, together with our hospitality partners over many years.

Our dashboards present meaningful information in one interface allowing senior management to see how each department, each property or a whole portfolio is performing. Any bottlenecks can be identified and fixed accordingly. By achieving operational excellence, operators free up valuable time for themselves and their staff. Productivity increases vary depending on departments: staff in Accounts Payable, for example, may do their jobs up to five times quicker. Imagine if you had that much extra time; you are less stressed; you can focus more on core activities (improving guest experiences, increasing direct bookings and adding more properties).

Centree streamlines organisations to create the right environment for staff to do what they do best. That is how we help operators increase revenue.

We will work with you individually to tailor our solution to your very own requirements.