Do you want to streamline and improve your properties processes?

Do you experience bottlenecks processing tasks but can’t identify where the issues lie ? Do you feel overwhelmed by emails, paperwork and always chasing various levels of approval? Is it sometimes easier just to start again as a document has seemingly gone missing or just cant be found ?

Centree workflow will automatically process information from any format or any system, directly to your work tray ready for review/approve/reject. Centree will relate information from multiple dispersed systems and present as one easy to review task. Centree is ISO27001 accredited, providing a complete audit trail showing where, when and who viewed and actioned every document in the system, nothing goes unrecorded. With Centree workflow you will utilise leading edge technology to improve processes, saving time to focus on activities that will add value to your property.


Centree workflow will provide an approval flow for your properties information processing requirements, aligned to  your organisations group policy. Approval paths will be  structured step by step to present an easy to use, standardised information workflow.


Centree introduces a structured architecture for the information processed within a property, and a group of properties. Centree technology provides consistency throughout all departments and all hotels by standardising one structure and one process path for all.


At the heart of Centree we log every user event and take actions based on those events. Centree technology provides details about what has happened to the documents in the system, and what is happening with the users in the system. Centree provides security against lapses in perimeter and application defences by alerting administrators to problems so defensive measures can be taken before any real damage is done.


When you automate your workflow you create an “owner” for each stage of the process. Initiation, approval/rejection and final authorisation are all bound to the individual who performed the action. This therefore provides a transparent process enforcing accountability. The days of not knowing who has viewed or actioned a document are over! The Centree Workflow system can identify who has the document and how long it was with a particular individual at any time. This is a valuable management tool allowing you to support employees who may be experiencing difficulties and require support and/or further training.


Information from multiple systems presented to authorisee’s automatically. Emails supporting direct bills, Purchase Orders supporting Supplier Invoices, Guest Registrations supporting Bill Queries, the list is long, the benefits are longer.


Save vast amounts of time searching for information. Cut down on the time wasted looking for paper, emails, supporting information which could be in numerous locations.


Over a short period of time the cost of printing reduces as employees use the Centree system to view documents instead of printing.


Centree Workflow ensures that every document that needs review and approval has a set authorisation path in line with company policy. Every action on a document is audited and appropriately filed away so that nothing can be accessed, lost or misplaced. Once a document is stored in Centree it is there for the duration of the retention period, aligned to policy and local legislation.


We will work with you as your property and group develops, the technology is a framework that can easily be changed to match your local and groups requirements.


Centree technology can use application programming interfaces to link into existing business systems, plus provide access from 3rd party systems.


Use the Centree Workflow system on any device, PC, Laptop, tablet or phone.

We will work with you individually to tailor our solution to your very own requirements.