Common Issues

Typically a large proportion of the housekeeping team have little or no ready access to a computer and reliance on paper can be massive. With the majority of personnel travelling around the hotel carrying out various tasks it is very difficult to collate and manage the information associated to these roles. Lost and found information can at times be very difficult to retrieve especially when a guest enquires at the front desk or over the telephone. Not only is this time consuming for the guest, it is the same for Guest Services as they may take many minutes to find the information required. This may also provide the guest with a perceived incompetency regarding the hotel.

Hard Facts

Did you know the average number of items lost each year in a hotel is more than 960 for every 100 guest rooms? Lost and Found is often overlooked as a customer service component that can make or break brand loyalty. Lost and Found should be as important, efficient and customer service oriented as your Front Desk staff.

A lost item and how you treat its owner, will leave a lasting impression and it may be the last thing that they remember about your hotel. Once a customer experiences what they consider a major customer experience failure, 64% will stop recommending the organization, start looking for an alternative brand or actively disparage the company via word of mouth, social media or other online channels. Providing your customers with the best possible experience when they lose a personal item is vital.

Change your process now

Hotels can no longer achieve a high level of customer service by relying on spreadsheets or antiquated software systems. Upgrading to a Cloud-based hotel management system is an excellent way for hotels to adapt to changing traveller trends as well as improving the overall operations of their business. Some of the huge benefits are listed below.

Manage lost and found items

Easily add and update items.

Capture photos

Upload photos of items quickly and easily.

Power searches

Find information regarding the guest or lost item quickly and efficiently using Centree L&F, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Auto-match lost & found items and claims

Easily add and update items. Release items to customers and capture the customer’s information. Release expired items that have gone un-claimed.

Manage customer claims

Capture and manage customer claims. Add notes and flag claims for follow-up.

Manage users and their roles

Add other users and set their roles ranging from read-only to admin access.

Mobile device friendly

Use your mobile device (tablets and most smart phones) to access key features.


ncrease transparency and compliance by viewing a detailed history of updates, including who made what updates and when. Have a complete overview of how the section is working.

Move Forward

Ready to work smarter and have the following benefits?

Better Control over Business through Automation – The automated nature of a Cloud-based system allows hoteliers to save time and increase efficiency in their functions. Tasks can be better tracked and updated, providing transparency for the property staff and a better experience for guests.
User Friendly – Hotels also benefit from the usability of a Cloud-based management system. The installation and set-up is uncomplicated, requiring only an Internet connection. Due to the lack of extensive hardware, updating the system is simple and can be customized according to the individual property’s needs. This adaptability is key to staying in tune with modern travellers and their changing demands. The simple, automated features of such a system provide many revenue-increasing benefits for hoteliers to consider.

Centree for Hospitality are the experts in providing hospitality solutions with a proven track record in the industry. We are certified to ISO 27001 for cloud based services. We take time to look at your business and develop solutions with you to achieve success. Contact It4 group today and discuss your property needs with us now.

We will work with you individually to tailor our solution to your very own requirements.