Track and measure your properties daily audit completion

“A little risk management saves a lot of fan cleaning” – Mike Harding Roberts,

Centree takes your daily audit reports, from any 3rd party system, no printing or scanning, into our policy aligned workflow processing system. The Centree Daily Dash is a quick, effective and easy way to manage your daily audit completion, electronically in real time, anytime, anyplace. Electronic notifications to managers when reports are close to month end deadlines. Bottleneck analysis, month end completion alerts and mobile approvals are all core to the functionality of Centree’s Daily Dash technology. Certified ISO27001 for cloud based services.

A 100% paperless daily revenue audit system awaits.


Why have an electronic daily dash?

Centree’s Daily Dash is a data visualisation tool displaying the status in real time of your organisation revenue audit pack at a glance. Centree Daily Dash pulls information from multiple systems, no matter what, into one place ready for management review and approval. No more printing, no more wasted time looking for supporting information, Centree Daily Dash automates all this to save valuable management time and environmental resources.


  • Visibility – An ability to track individual audit reports through to completion.
  • Continual Improvement – Centree Daily Dash allows you to measure performance throughout the audit process. Risk of none completion can impact closure of month end.
  • Performance Improvement – Employees are very much aware of the measurement of performance by using the Centree Daily Dash system.
  • Property performance – The ability to monitor multiple properties within a single interface is core to standardisation of revenue processes and centralisation of various finance services.
  • 100% Paperless – Taking information from any PMS and F&B system is core to our technology, gone are the days of needing to print and distribute paperwork for sign off. Reduce printing, reduce printers, reduce storage and improve the environment. At 10c per page for the lifecycle of a document considerable savings can be achieved.

We will work with you individually to tailor our solution to your very own requirements.