Getting the best out of your HR team?

Are you HR professionals doing the job they were hired to do

An organisation cannot build a good team of working professionals without good Human Resources. The key functions of the Human Resources Management (HR) team include recruiting people, training them, performance appraisals, motivating employees as well as workplace communication, workplace safety, and much more. That is difficult to achieve if your HR team are spending time performing simple administrative tasks rather value added activities. Any property, without a proper setup for HR is bound to suffer from serious problems while managing its regular duties.


Relieving the burden of paper

Despite the digitisation of business today, the truth is that most Human Resources departments are still buried in paper and using systems that may not integrate with each other.

Most HR professionals will admit that their world is awash with printouts, paper, emails, file attachments, faxes, scanned documents and a variety of forms that can all be a nightmare to manage. Centree technology helps manage HR information from various systems and various formats. The result is that HR professionals spend less time, less effort and less money performing administrative tasks and can focus on attracting, hiring and maximising the human capital of the organisation.

Hard Facts

The Association for Information and Image Management (aiime) recent report stated that paper flowing through common business processes such as human resources is actually increasing for 25% of organisations. In addition all of this extra paper requires storage adding to costs. Paperwork can pile up quickly requiring extra filing cabinets, file room space and employee time to file and organise. This can also be for a considerable length of time depending upon the legislation an organisation may be working under. Scanning documents can be a solution to this problem however how accessible are these documents when they are needed quickly?

Centree captures information from any system in any format be it paper, emails or even fax’s. Centree stores this information into a structured easy to use HR framework. Information is linked together by common related information such as employee number, and when required can be found within seconds.

Automisation why?

In the past HR was regarded as a cost centre and not a value centre. Organisations came to realise that their people are both the most expensive and valuable resources within their organisations. HR teams concentrate on finding the best talent and fostering the best environment for organisational success. This can be achieved by using modern document and content management tools and by enabling more integrated data and case management capabilities. This is simply not possible using a paper-bound workflow of the past. The return on investment is powerful for organisations who are tapped into the opportunity. Of the organisations participating in the aiime study 60% reported capturing an ROI on their paper free projects within 12 months and 77% within 18 months. Improved search and share ability of important documents is the biggest driver as well as improved process productivity and reduced physical storage space. It’s easy to see how all of these factors quickly come into play when considering the typical HR operating process and office environment.

Next generation HR document automation

The next generation solutions combine the power of document and data capture with process automation and case management capabilities that really make a difference. They don’t require enterprise sized budgets and support teams. How does it work? Document images are captured from any copier, scanner, e-mail or fax. Important data elements, names, numbers and amounts are all automatically read and extracted. The information is uploaded seamlessly and a common interface provides quick access to everything associated with the particular employee file. No more manual data entry, multiple copies and redundant paper files removing the burden of paperwork from the HR team saving time and money and resulting in improved workflow. HR teams can now leverage the same power and efficiencies of document and data capture enjoyed by other core enterprises for years!

Image of business documents, pen and glasses on workplace during meeting of partners

Move Forward

Leverage the opportunity to utilise affordable user friendly solutions designed specifically for HR. Maximise intuitive, comprehensive search and retrieval functions allowing you to automate repetitive, mundane and time consuming tasks. We offer the correct mix of experience, vision and advanced capabilities that will help you to achieve the full value of HR automation. Ready to learn how your organisation can start to work smarter? Contact us today to learn more.

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