Streamlining your accounts receivable processes

The ability of a hotel to receive payment can be fraught with complication. Signed Guest Folio’s, Dockets, emails, Guest Registrations, Credit Card slips …. the list is long, the time to bring everything together even longer.

Centree AR helps bring information from various systems and various formats together. Centree ensures the correct information to support the accounts teams is stored in the system correctly, be it emails, paper or even signed F&B credit card dockets. Ensuring this information is stored in a structured manner and related to other family members is also critical to the efficient completion of the AR process.


Centree is not an AR system. Our technology helps bring information from various activities into a single easy to use processing suite. Signed paperwork to support the billing process, queries relating to charges, emails confirming details of transactions are all examples of the various types of information that need to be presented during a typical AR billing process.

Centree brings all this information together, scans from front desk, emails from Reservations, F&B dockets from your outlets, BEO’s from sales, no matter what the format or the system to produce this information Centree manages everything into one easy to use AR supporting engine. Easily completed, easily audited, secure, fast and above all efficient for both the operation and for the guest themselves.

We will work with you individually to tailor our solution to your very own requirements.